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Achieving a healthy lawn is sometimes easier said than done, and when Manchester residents need a bit of assistance, they pick up the phone and dial Shore Landscaping LLC’s number. Our Manchester clients love our free estimates, efficient services and friendly staff, and we guarantee you will too!

Shore Landscaping LLC Has Your Lawn Care Needs Covered

We provide a variety of services, so if your lawn needs a bit of love we have you covered. See below for a sample of what we have to offer:

Sodding and re-sodding. Sodding is an excellent option for those seeking quick results. If your lawn is looking brown and damaged after a winter, putting down a new layer of sod both saves you time, because you don’t have to wait for your grass to grow, and convenience, because sod can be laid whenever, depending on the type.

Aeration. By aerating your lawn you expose the grass to a higher concentration of water, oxygen and minerals—all the components grass requires to grow stronger and healthier! This is best done in the early or late spring or fall, depending on the climate, so make sure to get in touch with Shore Landscaping LLC before it’s too late!

Fertilization. Sometimes your Manchester lawn needs a bit of a boost, and Shore Landscaping LLC’s fertilization services can help. Fertilizer is more than just food for hungry plants, it gives them the necessary nutrients they need to flourish. Think about your own body—if you fill your stomach with unhealthy foods, you won’t feel very good at the end of the day. Fertilizers provide plants with the right combination of nutrients they require to stay strong.

Irrigation. It can be frustrating to stand in your yard with a hose, laboring over every nook and cranny of your property, making sure it’s sufficiently watered. Thankfully, Shore Landscaping LLC can help! Whether you’re looking to get an automatic irrigation system installed on your property, or just need a hand watering your plants, Shore Landscaping LLC can set up an irrigation schedule that suits your needs.

Mowing and trimming. Mowing your lawn can be tedious, so why not let Shore Landscaping LLC take care of it for you? We can regularly prune your plants, hedges and bushes, as well as keep your lawn even and manicured. With Shore Landscaping LLC handling your mowing and trimming needs, your Manchester lawn will have never looked better!

Lawn treatment. Discoloration and patchiness can ruin the look of your Manchester lawn, but Shore Landscaping LLC can get your grass back to its green glory in no time. Give us a call today, and one of our lawn care experts will be able to help you out.


Dethatching is a great lawn rejuvenation technique where grass clippings, leaves, and other embedded and decaying organic material are removed from the surface of the soil. While some thatch is good, up to a ½”, more than that can have adverse effects on your lawn. Dethatching allows the grass to naturally fill in and thicken on its own, and allows water, fertilizers, and other agents to reach the surface of the soil. It also promotes better drainage on the lawn preventing decay. All combined it makes your lawn greener, stronger, and healthier!

Slice Seeding:

Slice seeding is the process of placing grass seeds under the surface of the soil in an existing lawn. This helps to thicken patchy lawns, repair thin spots, or add a new genome of grass seed to an existing lawn. Whether your lawn is comprised of a blue grass, rye, or fescue, the correct balance or combination of these different seeds will determine if your lawn will survive during dry hot summers, or cold snowy winters!

Soil Testing:

Before installing or repairing a lawn it is important to know the soils pH, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium levels. If a lawn is to acidic grass will not grow. Knowing the levels and amending them appropriately allows the lawn to flourish!


Feeding your lawn is one of the most important steps you can do to keep it green, growing, and healthy. But choosing which fertilizer can be confusing. There are many different options to choose from. Some are high in nitrogen, others are high in phosphorous. If you over feed your lawn you can kill it. Let us fertilize your lawn for you properly!

Weed Control:

Weeds are extremely invasive. If you don’t get a handle on them quickly they can overtake an entire lawn in a short period of time. Pre and post emergent weed control is another extremely important step in managing a lush, green, healthy lawn!

Moss Control:

Moss thrives in damp, poor drainage, acidic, shady areas. Aggressive corrective measures need to be taken with the appropriate soil amendments to ensure that moss is eliminated.

Insect and Pest Control:

Lawn insects such as grubs, cinch bugs, beetles, and ants can wreak havoc on your lawn. Mice, moles, voles, and other creatures can rip through a lawn overnight. Let us keep your lawn insect and pest free all season!

Green Grass is Just a Phone Call Away!

Tired of looking at your neighbor’s healthy lawns and wondering how they do it? Dial our number and wonder no more! Shore Landscaping LLC’s experienced lawn care professionals are dedicated to making Manchester greener, one lawn at a time. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free evaluation!